Essote’s diverse services

Our well-being centres and stations provide a variety of social and health care services as local services. We can be found at more than a hundred locations across the municipalities within our region. The duties of promoting the well-being of citizens are divided into five areas of responsibility: health care services, services for the elderly and disabled people, family and social services, mental health and substance abuse services as well as rehabilitation.

Essote health cater services

Health care services

In health care services, our customers are assisted by over 900 professionals around our services area.

We provide services at our well-being centres and stations, ranging from first aid and emergency services to intensive special health care services.

Essote - new born babyFamily and social services

Our diverse family and social services include social work related to family services, home services for families with children, child welfare services, adult social work (supplementary and preventive social assistance, social rehabilitation, rehabilitative work experience), financial and debt counselling and immigration services.

Our most widely used family services are maternity and child heath services as well as pupil and student welfare services, which are available at several locations within Essote’s services area.

Essote mental health and substance abuse servicesMental health and substance abuse services

We provide varied help for mental health and substance abuse problems.

These services can be accessed through well-being stations and centres, emergency clinics or the Medical Helpline, for example.


Essote rehabilitation servicesRehabilitation

Within the Essote services area, there are local rehabilitation units operating in Mikkeli, Juva, Kangasniemi and Mäntyharju, in addition to an intensive neurological and orthopaedic rehabilitation unit.


Services for the eldery and diabled peopleServices for the elderly and disabled people

Within the Essote services area, roughly 1,200 professionals in services for the elderly and disabled people provide services for these target groups. We provide elderly people with day activities and preventive services, such as preventive home care visits, nursing services and memory services.

In addition to services offered at home, we also provide sheltered housing and periodic care when your own strength is no longer enough.

For disabled people we provide special services, such as housing, assistive device, transport and interpretation services. Our aim is to support the work capability, functional capacity and self-reliance of people with disabilities. The services and support measures provided by Essote facilitate the coping of people with disabilities in their everyday life.